Lee Oosthuizen

Certified Financial Planner®

An Investment in Knowledge always pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin


The wealth accumulation journey takes on many shapes and forms. People take different paths in life, ranging from corporate careers through to

Only 6% of South Africans can afford to retire Remember high school, when you were in a class of 34 people trying

At some point, practically everyone considers a buy-to-let opportunity. Most of us grew up being told that property is a fantastic investment

Conventional wisdom. A generally accepted belief. The kind of advice your grandmother would no doubt give you, while fattening you up with

Figuratively speaking, of course. The practical equivalent to “under your mattress” is leaving your money to rot in a notice deposit account

How often have you heard these words, usually spoken forlornly by a friend, family member or colleague who has suffered a financial

Family businesses are genuinely the lifeblood of any economy. They put food on the table and put the kids through school. They

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