Lee Oosthuizen

Certified Financial Planner®

Under your mattress isn’t an investment strategy

Figuratively speaking, of course. The practical equivalent to “under your mattress” is leaving your money to rot in a notice deposit account that makes the bank rich instead of you. If your money really is under your mattress, then we urgently need to talk! Banks adore these notice accounts. They get “sticky deposits” that they … Read more

“I really should have spoken to someone”

How often have you heard these words, usually spoken forlornly by a friend, family member or colleague who has suffered a financial loss? The reality is that far too many people don’t ask. They are “too busy” or “don’t need help” – if this resonates with you and you haven’t spoken to a financial advisor … Read more

Family businesses – leave a legacy

Family businesses are genuinely the lifeblood of any economy. They put food on the table and put the kids through school. They create desperately needed jobs. They pay their taxes and get involved in the community. These are the reasons why many people go out of their way to support small businesses. But what happens … Read more